MAGNET Collage Web: Create a project from the Layers page

When uploading data from MAGNET Collage Office, new layers are automatically created in Collage Web.

Optionally, the user can also create projects when publishing data from Collage Office, containing the uploaded layers. Please refer to Collage Office documentation.

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MAGNET Collage Web: Create a project from the Layers page

Layers page

This page can be accessed from the entry (dashboard) page or from the top Layers menu.

Note that initially both layers and projects will not have thumbnails. These thumbnails can be created or updated by users via the Project Viewer

The list of layers can be filtered by type (point clouds or vector layers), or by name (by typing at least three characters).

Using each layer's contextual menu (three dots icon), it is possible to rename or delete the layer.

Note that the DELETE operation removes layer data from the server and is irreversible. However, a layer cannot be deleted if it is included in one or more projects. To delete a layer, first remove it from all projects that contain it, and then delete it from the Layers page.

Create a project

The Layers page offers a convenient way to create a project based on existing layers. To do so, first click on the layer thumbnails to select them. You can combine point clouds and feature layers from the same page or different pages in the layer list.

After the layers are selected, click on the "Create project with selection" button in the top right.

Project properties

The Create project page will open. In this page the user can see the list of selected layers, as well as their coordinate systems.

The user needs to enter a name and a description to create the project.

By default, the coordinate system (CRS) assigned to the project will be the first valid one from the layer list. The user can change this default CRS using the text field, which will provide suggestions matching full words written in the input box.

Note that Collage Web does not re-project data on the fly for display in the Project Viewer. Instead, the data is always displayed in the layer's coordinate system exported from MAGNET Collage Office (UTM). However, the project's CRS affects how coordinate values are displayed in the Information and Property panels, and how they are exported to files.