MAGNET Collage Web: Working with Panoramas

Working with Panoramas in MAGNET Collage Web

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MAGNET Collage Web: Working with Panoramas

Layer Manager

  • GLS- or IP-Sx panoramas can be uploaded from MAGNET Collage Office. They are visible in the Layer Manager under the Panorama group.
  • The panorama locations are displayed as round points in the 3D and Map views.
  • As with any vector feature layer, their color and size can be changed in the Properties panel.
  • Panoramas can be selected by using the default Information tool, clicking on the location point in the 3D or Map views.
  • The selected panorama will appear as a sphere with the image mapped on it (on slow network connections, the image might take some time to appear).

Panorama navigation mode

  • To view a panorama from its center location, the user must double-click on it. When doing so, the navigation will automatically change to Panorama mode.
  • In this mode the user can turn around and zoom to explore the panorama.

Often, the user wants to hide other layers besides the panorama. This can be done in two ways.

  • By switching off the layers in the Layer manager. In this case the layers are not drawn in the view. This mode can be used if we don't need to measure or edit on the panorama.
  • By setting the opacity of other layers to 0 in the Properties panel. This can be done for a specific layer of a group of layers. This mode must be used if we need to measure or edit on the panorama.

Moving between panoramas

  • If you see other panorama location points, you can move to them by double-clicking on the points. However, this may not be easy if many points are close together.
  • A different way to switch from one panorama to the next, or the previous one, is to use the panorama sequence buttons at the top of the 3D View.
  • When switching from one panorama to another, you may need to wait a few seconds for the new panorama to be loaded, especially on slow network connections.
  • To leave the Panorama mode and resume normal navigation in the 3D View, click on the "Exit panorama mode" button.