MAGNET Construct - Smart Glasses As-Built screen

MAGNET Construct is a cloud-connected field controller app for positioning layout and as-built applications utilizing Topcon and Sokkia robotic total stations and GNSS devices.

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MAGNET Construct - Smart Glasses As-Built screen


After entering As-Built (Topo) mode in MAGNET Construct, the following screen is displayed in MAGNET Vision

The status bar icons stay the same as on the main screen.

  1. The central part of the screen shows the name of the point that will be stored (in this case it's "100"), and the current prism coordinates are being displayed.
  2. In this exemple MCT is connected to an optical instrument
  3. The prism is locked
  4. The bottom bar displays Voice Recognition status. The microphone icon with a green dot means that voice recognition is ON, and the glasses are waiting for the "ok magnet" keyphrase. After you say the keyphrase, Vision will switch into listening for commands:

NOTE: The values are displayed in the same units as in MAGNET Construct, so if you e.g. change Distance Units to meters, Vision will be displaying the coordinates in meters as well.

Voice commands

The microphone icon with sound waves indicates that voice recognition is ON, and Vision is awaiting a voice command. The list of available voice commands is also displayed.