MAGNET Explorer: How to create and update topics

Topics is a comment-like section for created projects in which every project member can participate. Creating a topic for tasks or other subjects will generate a viewpoint to emphasize parts in a shared project.

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MAGNET Explorer: How to create and update topics

Creating a new topic

Topics can be created for a project task or other subject to emphasize particular parts in a shared project with a viewpoint and text.

The Topics list opens by default or by clicking on the Topics List button in the Collaborate group. 

  • Create a new topic by clicking on the Add new button (binoculars and plus sign) in the Topics list window.
  • A new topic creates a viewpoint thumbnail.
  • Double-clicking a thumbnail opens the Topic Editor window for editing and commenting. 
  • Multiple viewpoints can be saved as topics.
  • Topics can be grouped by topic attributes, such as status or priority.
  • The Topics list window has two view modes:
    • In Thumbnail view, you can remove or upgrade a topic.
    • In List view, topics can be sorted in alphabetical order by clicking on the column Topic title.

Updating topics

Update topics by right-clicking on a topic viewpoint in the Topics list or in the Topic Editor by double-clicking a topic viewpoint.

  • Load Topic Viewpoint activates the selected topic.
  • Load Topic Visibility State activates the saved state of groups.
  • Save Topic Viewpoint updates the Topic viewpoint.
  • Save Topic Visibility State updates the state of groups.
  • Save updated screenshots to all topics updates topic screenshots when the imported file was modified and reloaded.