MAGNET Explorer: Importing MS Project tasks to Scheduler

Streamline workflow by importing Microsoft Project task files into Magnet Explorer Sheduler.

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MAGNET Explorer: Importing MS Project tasks to Scheduler

Microsoft Project XML files

Tasks can be imported from Microsoft Project XML files.

  • Create an MS project with the following columns:
    • Unique ID
    •  ID
    • Task Name
    • Start
    • Finish
    • Cost
  • If you want the MS project linked to the right groups, you must add the column VdcGroup and specify model groups.
  • Note: Use / to create subgroups.
  • After creating the columns, export the project to an XML file.

Importing XML

Import the XML file to Scheduler via Schedule > Import.

Additional columns

MAGNET Explorer can import Excel files to add additional columns to 5D tasks.

  • Format column names similar to those shown (example: column for CO2 emissions during construction).
  • Select the type of data that needs to be imported in the Export Wizard - Map Options screen.

In the Export Wizard - Task Mapping screen, add these items:

  • Unique ID
  • ID
  • Name

After exporting, edit the column name Unique_ID to Unique ID.


Note: The Excel sheet should be named 6D Attributes.

Now you can import the Excel file to Scheduler.