MAGNET Explorer: Scheduler

Use the Scheduler tool to view the progress of building and its related costs. These can be visualized over time and viewed cumulatively.

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MAGNET Explorer: Scheduler

Scheduler tab

Navigate to Schedule > Scheduler.


Add a new task by going to Schedule > Add task. Create tasks from groups by going to Schedule > Create tasks from groups.

  • The new task appears in the Scheduler panel row.
  • Tasks or subtasks can also be added or deleted by right-clicking on the Scheduler result row.


Modify a task's name, choose the model group, determine the cost, or define a transition by selecting the item from the row.

 The Transition mode includes:

  • Add highlight
  • Add
  • Remove
  • Temporary
  • Repair
  • Remove temporary
  • Redesigned
  • None


Task timeline

In the Edit task timeline dialog box, the task start and end dates are customizable by double clicking the selected task. Blue timelines are shown on the bottom right.

The blue taskbar duration can be edited by dragging the bar on the timeline or lengthening it from the beginning or from the end. 


Scheduler cost tab

Open the Schedule cost graph from the bottom tab.

  • The graph helps to visualize costs and emissions.
  • You can view cumulative or current information about cost.