MAGNET Field: How to Check Grade and Stake a Surface

With this quick tutorial, you will learn how to check grade and stake a surface as well how to use some of the features in MAGNET field to accomplish this task using a GNSS receiver although the Robotic or optical sequence is the same.

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MAGNET Field: How to Check Grade and Stake a Surface

Import the surface

  • Open MAGNET Field in the controller.
  • Open the Project or create a new project .
  • Place the USB in the Field Controller In MAGNET field go to Exchange > From File Data: Surfaces Format: Topcon 3DMC .tp3.
  • Press Next and continue as prompted.

Start the Rover

  • Once imported, the surface needs to be checked.
  • Connect to the receiver, if you haven’t already done so
  • Connect > GPS >Connect

Stake the Surface

  • Navigate to Stake > Surface

Select the Surface

  • Select the Surface from the list

   Note: By tapping the soft-button you can select other grade options like Elevation and Road

  • Then Press the Stake button

Check Grade

  • Done!

Now anywhere you go on the surface you will have a cut and fill.

Add a Vertical Offset to a Surface

  • To add an offset to the surface:
  • Press the M icon at the top left corner of the screen
  • Select Design Offsets


Now go to work!

Map Properties

By selecting Map Properties you can access all Map functions:

  • General Map Properties
  • Entity Display
  • 3D Surface Fill Mode
  • Surface Selection
  • Background Images