MAGNET Field: Importing Field Codes

This will show you how to import field codes from any 3rd-party software into MAGNET Field. 

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MAGNET Field: Importing Field Codes

Creating Field Code file

  • Open Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet editor), and create the field codes manually, or use copy/paste function to input the field codes from 3rd-party software or PDF. 
  • Remove header information and everything except Codes and Descriptions.
  • To add the Point/Line types
    • 0 = Points
    • 1 = Lines
  • Save the file as a *.csv

Importing Field Codes

  • Open MAGNET Field
  • Select Exchange
  • Select From File
  • Set the Data to Code Library
  • Set the Format to Topcon Text Custom (*.txt)
  • Change the Type to All Files (*.*)
  • Select the *.csv file that was saved from the Excel file.
  • Set Delimiter to Comma
  • Change File Style to Code, Description, Code Type
  • Select the green checkmark in the upper-right corner to import. 
  • File imported!