MAGNET FIELD: Importing a PDF file - Transform by matching a line

How to import a PDF into MAGNET Field and transform the PDF to match known points

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MAGNET FIELD: Importing a PDF file - Transform by matching a line

This process assumes that you have at least 2 points already in the MAGNET Field file that are visible in the PDF to use to transform (scale and orient) the PDF.

Click Exchange.

Click From File.

Select Multiple in the Data drop-down list.

Select PDF in the Format drop-down list.

Click Settings.

Select Design Points from the Import Points As drop-down list.

Check Import text if you want the text of the PDF to come into the file.

Check Load points as background drawing if you want the PDF for your background image.

Then click the green check mark.

Click Next.

Navigate to and select the PDF file that you wish to import.

Click the green check mark once the selection is done.

Review and change any coordinate systems that are not correct for the PDF.

Click the check mark to accept.

The PDF is queried, and a list of the data that is available to import is displayed.

Select the data that you want to import, and click the Next button.

Determine how duplicate layer names are handled. You can select Merge or Rename.

Provide information as to what to rename it, including if you want a prefix or suffix for the new name.

Click Yes To All.

The Import Status screen shows what has been imported to the file.

Click Transform.

Select how you want to rotate, scale, and transform the PDF into your project.

This example is using By Matching Line.

Click Next.

To select the line in the PDF that you want to match, click the Map button.

Click the button above 1, then select the point above 2.

Click the button above 3, then select the point above 4.

Click the check mark.

There are three options to get the Start Point of the line that is being used to transform this drawing:

  • Select it via the Map button.
  • Select it via the List button.
  • Occupy it using the Measure button.

Click the Map button, and pick point 6.

Press the point list symbol on the End Point line.

Select point 5.

Click the check mark.

Click Next.

Review the transformation.

Click Save.

Points and lines are imported, rotated, and scaled. You are ready to stake out.

Click the Home button.