MAGNET Field: Multiple Sets

MAGNET Field: Configuring Sets on a Robotic Total Station

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MAGNET Field: Multiple Sets

Configuration Library

  • Go to Configure> Survey
  • Under "Optical Configuration" tap "select from Library"
  • Select "My Robotic" and tap "Add". This creates a copy of the "MyRobotic" configuration which you can customize.

Config: Survey Settings

  • Name your configuration and select Type as "Robotic".
  • Set the manufacturer and model for your robotic total station type.
  • Set your initial TS Connection as "Bluetooth TS".
  • Set Measure Method as Direct/Reverse. Select "Search and Aim". Check the boxes for "Auto accept measurement" and "Measure reverse distance".
  • Click Next.
  • Select the type of prism being used from a list of pre-defined prisms. If your prism is not on that list click on the "..." to edit prisms. 
  • Check the box for "Auto Target".
  • Set EDM mode to "Rapid".
  • Once you have set up the Auto Topo, Monitor Options, Data Output options, and Stake Settings click the green check to save your configuration.
  • Click the green check a second time to confirm your configuration.

Connecting to the Total Station

  • Click "Connect".
  • Check the option for "Optical" and check that the name of the configuration is correct. If not, click on the "…" button to select your configuration.
  • Click the "Connect" button to connect to your total station.

Setting up Backsight

  • Click "Setup" then "Backsight" to set up your backsight.

Set Collection

  • Select "Survey" then "Set Collection".

Configure Classes

  • Set up your Occupy and Backsight.
  • Select Angle sequence as "BS FS ^ FS BS". Check the boxes for "Set circle ...", "Auto turn", and "Auto accept". To set the class click on the box with the "...".

Add Classes

  • Select "MAGNET Default" and click "Add" to create your classes.
  • Set the desired sets according to the image.
  • Once done, click on the green check.
  • Check that your class is highlighted and click the green check.
  • Confirm your measurement type and prism type and click "Next". This will take you to a screen similar to the one below.
  • Click on the save icon on the bottom right corner to start the set collection. At the end you will get a set collection report.
  • If it is within tolerance, click "Accept". If not, re-measure.