MAGNET Field: Offline activation method

How to perform an offline activation of MAGNET software. This method is only recommended when the user does not have internet access or cannot do an online activation.

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MAGNET Field: Offline activation method

Logging in to Topcon's site

Sometimes you need to perform an offline activation for a device. As of 2020, this workflow is now done on Topcon's site. There, you will generate the authorization code for MAGNET and then copy it over to the device to complete the activation manually.

We generally advise our customers to use this method as a last resort when they have no source of internet on the device they are trying to activate.

First, enter your username and password here.

Click on the white My Apps button on the blue band in the upper left corner. 

A drop-down menu will appear. Under Services, click Product Activation.

If you're not already logged in at this point, you'll be prompted to create an account or sign in to continue. 

However, because you already received the purchase certificate in your email, please sign in with your Topcon credentials.

Enter the purchased MAGNET serial number, and click CONTINUE

Confirm the product details. Make sure the serial number and product type are correct. 

Enter the device ID in ALL CAPS. The activation may not go through if the Device ID is entered in lowercase. 

Here is how to find the Device ID:

  1. Open MAGNET Field.
  2. Click on the blue M icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Click About.
  4. The Device ID should be 15 characters separated by dashes like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

After entering the Device ID, click CONTINUE. Check to accept the end user license agreement.

The activation key will be automatically generated. From here, click DOWNLOAD LICENSE FILE because you will be putting that file on the offline device.

If using Chrome, the downloaded file will appear in the bottom left corner.

  1. Right-click Show in folder to see the downloaded file. 
  2. Use CTRL+C to copy and CTRL+V to paste it onto a USB drive.

On your field controller, click on the blue M icon in the upper left corner, and select Activate Modules.

Select Offline activation, and click Next.

Click Import to search for the .*lic file that you put on the USB drive.

Look for a file called activationkey_<your serial number>.lic. Your serial number will be in the file name.

Select the license file, and click the green check mark.

Click Next.

Accept the user license agreement, and click Next.

Verify the module types and expiration date. Click Done to exit the Product Activation menu.