MAGNET Office: Corridors (part 6 of 6) - Cross section volumes

How to calcuate cross section volumes in the corridor module 

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MAGNET Office: Corridors (part 6 of 6) - Cross section volumes

Calculating cross section volumes

Navigate to Corridor > Cross Sections.

This will open a new window.

Select New. Assign a name, for example, C1.

Check the box to assign the corridor, and select the required corridor. This routine can be done for multiple corridors within a project.

Once selected, the software will automatically calculate the cross section volume and display that value based on all surfaces at the current station.

You can use the slider to move up and down station, or simply type the station required. The data in the upper left (white text) will update with the current volume. The graphical view will display areas of cut in red and areas of fill in blue, as well as any subgrades and their respective volumes.

A volumes report can be produced, which will generate a text file showing standard volumes, subgrade volumes, station range, or complete design as the user requires.