MAGNET Office: Edit Points

How to use the new Edit Points dialog box in MAGNET Office

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MAGNET Office: Edit Points


The new Edit Points dialog in MAGNET Office enables the user to:

  • Edit groups of points in an entity, including points, lines, arcs, strings, and polygon areas.
  • Assign point codes
  • Assign points to layers.
  • Define points to be Used in a Surface.

Selection Criteria

Points can be selected and edited by these criteria:

  • All Layers
  • Active Layers
  • Current Selection in the Map View
  • By Entity


Points can also be filtered by these classifications:

  • Point number range
  • Point color
  • Code
  • Layer
  • Elevation range
  • Use in surface

Inserting & Hiding Columns

  • Additional columns can be inserted by right-clicking in the point table and selecting the Insert Column pop-out menu.
  • Columns can be hidden by right-clicking in the desired column and selecting Hide Column.

Multiple Point Edit Dialog Box

When points are selected, the user has these options available:

  • Set Properties - Set the active properties toolbar to the properties of the point selected.
  • Get Properties - Get the active properties toolbar settings and apply them to all the points selected
  • Annotation Settings - Configure the points annotation display
  • Properties - Open the Edit Group Properties dialog
  • Elevation Adjust - Opens the Elevation Adjustment dialog
  • Delete - Delete the selected point(s) in the table or in the Survey view
  • Add Data - Add points of an entity to the points table
  • Apply - Apply changes without closing the dialog
  • Invert - Invert the point selection
  • Clear - De-select any selected points
  • OK - Apply changes and close the dialog
  • Cancel - Close the dialog box without applying changes