MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 5 of 8) - View and display settings

Effective configuration of displays in the roads module

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MAGNET Office: Roads module (part 5 of 8) - View and display settings

Display settings

The View tab allows a user to configure the Toolbar and Status Bar.

Toolbar options include Property (current layer, surface, and ability to scroll through road at set cross section intervals), Active Surfaces, and Profile.

You can adjust the display settings for Alignment, Profile, and CrossSection by navigating to View > Settings and selecting one of the three options.

Alignment display settings

Alignment display settings allow a user to show road strings with tangent and intersection points and display the data from the survey view as a background.

Profile display settings

Profile display settings allow a user to define the annotation information for design and natural levels and level differences, as well as high and low points, grades, and curve lengths.

The vertical exaggeration can also be controlled, as well as envelope details for natural and design surfaces.

CrossSection display settings

The CrossSection display settings show point info (i.e., code). Two useful options to check are Display Cross Slope and Automatically Recompute Design.

Road reserve information can be defined, as well as natural, design, and subgrade surfaces.

Export to Google Earth

A nice feature for checking data in the real world is the ability to export to Google Earth or as a KML file. As long as the correct projection is defined, either CL or all road strings can be exported/displayed.