MAGNET Project: Differences between versions

This article summarizes what is new in MAGNET Project module v6.0, discussing the main differences between version 5.1.1 and version 6.0.

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MAGNET Project: Differences between versions

Make planning easier and more flexible

Version 6 is a rewrite of the previous version of MAGNET Project software. The aim is to make planning easier and more flexible. This version will support a wider usage and easier scheduling of non-earthwork tasks as before. It will also make future development faster and more agile.

  • MAGNET Project continues to be a tool for mass optimization, scheduled mass haul planning, visual project planning, and production follow-up.
  • The changes make the program easier-to-use for new users, as well as providing more flexibility and opportunities for experienced users.
  • There is a new user interface with new features, filters, and views.
  • MAGNET Project 6 supports planning at different levels of detail. It will be easier to get started in a phase where you do not have all the information. You can add more details to the plans later.
  • Version 6 doesn’t require Excel being installed on the computer anymore.
  • It will support the new MAGNET licensing system that allows users to choose from available serial numbers in the license pool.
  • It is easier to make a scheduled mass haul plan, resulting in time savings and achieving the desired results faster.
  • There is a new way to visualize results better.

Removed functionalities

Features dropped from v6.0 that were available in v5.1 include the following:

  • Export to Primavera P6 XML format
  • Support for some language translations
  • Importing actual haul data from Sitelink3D Haul Truck system
  • Manual creation of hauls
  • Forecast progress based on actuals in Time-location view
  • Mass curve view
  • Resource view
  • Control view 
  • Export tasks as DynaRoad XML (old format)
  • Import quantities from DynaRoad XML (old format)
  • Send resource graph to iSeekPlant
  • Import alignment coordinates from VGP files (old Trimble Tekla Xroad/Xstreet format)
  • Type-derived dependencies
  • Identified resources (machine license plate)
  • Resource number limitations
  • Print to PDF directly from the program (In v6, you can print to a separate PDF printer.)

New and improved features

New features in v6.0 include:

  • Flexible scheduling where tasks' attributes are optional (Tasks aren’t required to have quantities, locations, resources, and production rates anymore.)
  • Export to Microsoft Project 2013 XML format
  • Import from Microsoft Project 2013 XML format
  • Possibility to add metadata columns to tasks
  • Support for WMS background maps
  • Flexible text reports that a user can define and modify
  • Possibility to save location layouts (view settings)
  • Possibility to import actual quantities from Excel or MAGNET Office
  • Improved possibilities to add text boxes, images, and graphics in views
  • Autosave backup file
  • Possibility to use multiple monitor setup and look at views on different monitors
  • Project quantities are imported and stored in full accuracy
  • V6.0 haul calculation is based on distance, unless you define haul resource costs (In v5.1, haul calculation was based on a haul cost table.)
  • New *.mjp file format
    • MAGNET Project 6.0 can open files saved with the latest DynaRoad version v5.6.3 or with MAGNET Project v5.1. If a user has older files, they should be opened with the latest v5.1 version and resaved before updating to v6.0.