MAGNET Project: Filter tool [VIDEO]

Create customized filters for viewing data using the filter tool in MAGNET Project.

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MAGNET Project: Filter tool [VIDEO]

MAGNET Project allows you to create customized filters for viewing data.

The project's view can be filtered according to the following:

  • Locations
  • Tasks 
  • Quantity types
  • Quantities
  • Hauls
  • Bills of quantities

Filtering by location

The location filter lets you add a new location layout which adds multiple locations in the same view. Create a new location layout by navigating to Filters > Location and selecting (New location layout...). Name the location view, and select locations in the Layout tab in the Location layout properties dialog box.

Filtering quantity types and quantities

Selecting (New...) in the Filters drop-down menu opens the Filter properties dialog box. Quantity types and quantities are two of the tabs. Select Enable in the check box, and select individually or multiples at a time.

Filtering tasks

Select tasks from the Tasks tab in the Filter properties dialog box. Select tasks individually or include/exclude multiple tasks at a time.

Filtering hauls

Hauls can be selected from the Haul tab in the Filter properties dialog box. Select hauls individually or include/exclude all hauls.

Click the Advanced... button to open the Advanced Filter dialog box. Hauls can be filtered according to location or intersection. This filtering can be found under Add route criterion. Hauls can be filtered according to work direction and/or station numbering. Hauls can also be filtered by road classes.

Filtering bills of quantities

Select the Bill of quantities tab, and filter by selecting a specific bill of quantity or all imported bills of quantities.