MAGNET Project: Map view

Overview of the functionality of Map view in MAGNET Project.

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MAGNET Project: Map view

Map view in MAGNET Project visualizes

  • Road lines
  • Areas
  • Tasks
  • Their scheduled or actual progress on top of a map


New road lines and areas can be created by

  • Drawing them into the map
  • Binding drawings to existing locations


Background maps can be imported into MAGNET Project to enhance map-based and accurate earthwork plans. Background maps can be imported as

  • An image (*.pdf, *.bmp, *.jpg, or *.png)
  • Using a WMS (Web Map Service)
    • Notice that when importing a *.pdf (or other image format) map, the geographical map should have at least two coordinate markers already defined where X marks the coordinate point, and their coordinate values (X, Y) are written next to the points.
    • WMS maps use a GIS database or one of the distributed geospatial databases to import a map based on a URL. WMS retrieves the map in the form of an image (*.jpeg/*.png), which is then automatically displayed in MAGNET Project.