MAGNET Project: Properties [VIDEO]

The property window visualizes the property values in the project window. By modifying the properties, it is possible to effectively utilize various constraints when creating a project.

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MAGNET Project: Properties [VIDEO]

The Project properties dialog box is opened from the Project tab. Properties window editing is enabled, for example, in the following categories:

  • General textual information about the project
  • Project timing (start time and finish time)
  • Coordinate system
  • Default calendar
  • Mass unit names

Values can be inserted by typing or selecting from the drop-down menu where applicable.

Project properties related to task timing

Tasks cannot be scheduled to start before the project start time. 

New tasks are assigned by the default calendar.

  • Changing the default calendar later will affect all tasks which are set to use the default calendar in the Task Properties dialog box.

If the box is checked for Automatically calculate timings, task timings will be automatically calculated in case tasks have dependencies.

Inserting coordinate system

Insert a coordinate system in the Coordinate system tab.

The selected coordinate system will appear under the attributes listing.

Editing default names

Default naming can be modified in the Default names tab.

Label names can be changed by selecting objects from the drop-down menu and clicking Insert.

  • objects
  • tasks
  • quantities
  • intersections
  • hauls
  • dependencies

Decimal places

Defining a numerical value in Decimal places will affect the number of decimals of the quantity amounts that are imported to the project.


A company logo can be added when printing out the project.

The company logo image or other image can be inserted in the header and/or footer under printer settings (File > Print).