RC-5 Bluetooth Remote Controller: Perform Reset

How to perform a reset on the  RC-5 Bluetooth Remote Controller

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RC-5 Bluetooth Remote Controller: Perform Reset

When to Reset the RC-5

  • When the RC-5 will not pair with a total station
  • When Bluetooth communication is problematic


What does the Reset do?

  • Initializes the Bluetooth module
  • Returns all parameters to default settings
  • Resets pairing

Prepare to Reset the RC-5

  • Insert a fully charged battery in the RC-5
  • Clean the RC-5 Laser Projection Port from dust or dirt
  • Verify the Bluetooth antenna is secure
  1. Bluetooth Antenna
  2. Battery Cover
  3. Laser Projection Port

Resetting the RC-5

  • Hold the FAR and SEARCH buttons
  • Press and release the POWER button 
  • Continue holding the FAR and SEARCH buttons for 10 seconds
  • When beep sounds 3 times release both the  FAR and SEARCH buttons
  • Press and hold the FAR button for 10 seconds or until several beeps are sounded and release
  • The COM 1 and COM 2 LEDs will be lit and the FAR and Search LEDs will blink while the reset is perfomed
  • When the reset is complete the RC-5 will beep several times followed by a short pause and a single beep
  1. COM 1 LED for total station communication
  2. COM 2 LED for data controller communication
  4. POWER button
  5. SEARCH button
  7. FAR button
  8. FAR LED
  • When the reset is complete  
  • Power the unit off
  • Power on and complete the pairing procedure


* for instrument settings please refer to the instrument's Operators Manual