RC-5: How to pair with Bluetooth Robotic Instrument

How to pair RC-5 remote with Bluetooth Robotic Instrument.

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RC-5: How to pair with Bluetooth Robotic Instrument


The following procedure is done once, to pair the two pieces of equipment so that they "find" each other during subsequent setups. 

Setting up the instrument

  1. Take equipment to Bluetooth-free area
  2. Power on the robotic total station
  3. Enter the configuration menu of the instrument (varies)
  4. Set communication method to Bluetooth
  5. Save settings

Setting up the RC-5

  1. With RC-5 powered off, press and hold the Search button, then press and release the Power button
  2. When the Far LED flashes, release the Search button
  3. RC-5 will scan for Bluetooth devices in the area and beep once for each total station available
  4. Far LED will blink and Total Station LED will flash and become solid.
  5. If the robotic instrument is found, the antenna on the Bluetooth icon of the instrument will “raise”.  
  6. Now the robotic total station and RC-5 are paired.
  7. If RC-5 finds other devices in the area and the TS LED becomes solid, simply press the Search button to browse through until the desired instrument is found.
  8. Press the Far button once the RC-5 and Total Station have linked to each other
  9. RC-5 will power itself off.
  10. Power RC-5 back on.
  11. Process is complete. Total Station and RC-5 are linked.
  12. To confirm, face the RC-5 window towards the Total Station, and press the Search Button.
  13. Total Station will rotate and locate the RC-5 and then the Prism.