SL-100: Cellular activation on myTopcon

This article explains how to do a cellular activation on myTopcon using service points.

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SL-100: Cellular activation on myTopcon

Product registration

The following steps explain activating a cellular subscription on myTopcon with service points. This procedure is the same for an MC-i4 and MC-i3.

First, the user must register their product. Have the customer log in to their myTopcon account. It is recommended to have the customer do the cellular activation so the serial numbers are registered under the customer's account. Either the dealer or the customer can register their device on myTopcon, but it depends on who wants to manage it.

Check that the customer already has service points activated by clicking on the white icon next to their name. This will display their company name and number of service points.

To start the cellular activation process, first register the serial number of the device. Click My Apps in the upper-left corner, and select Product Registration located under SERVICES.


Enter the device's serial number.

If your SL-100's serial number is before this one—1284-11337—you will need to manually enter the ICCID number and IMEI.

The IMEI should be 15 digits. If the IMEI only shows 14 digits, set the modem to GPRS only, and all 15 digits will appear.

While not required, it is helpful to input details of the SL-100 in the ASSET INFORMATION (OPTIONAL) section such as serial number and device type.

Once you have added these details, click COMPLETE REGISTRATION. This completes the product registration.

Cellular activation on myTopcon

Click CELLULAR ACTIVATION to begin the cellular activation.

A cellular activation requires 25 service points, equivalent to $25.00 USD. 

At this point, if the customer does not have service points, a message will appear asking the user to purchase service points.

  1. Purchase service points from a Topcon dealer.
  2. Activate service points in the user's account by going to My Apps > Product Activation


Click ACCEPT to accept the license agreement.

Upon successful activation, the user will see "Modem successfully activated." You will also notice that the service points count will drop by 25.