SmoothRide Control: System Installation - Paver

Basics of paver installation guidelines and tips for SmoothRide applications

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SmoothRide Control: System Installation - Paver

Paver Installation Guidelines

  • Basic machine installation practices apply.
  • Route cables and hardware in a fashion to avoid damage.
  • Safety first.


Paver Antenna and Contol Box Placement

  • Vibration poles and antennas may be mounted anywhere on the tow arm or body of the machine.
  • Antennas need to be high enough to avoid obstruction.
  • The control boxes should be mounted as a ground station on the screed.


Paver MC-R3 and Sensor Placement

  • The MC-R3 should be easily accessible while remaining out of the way and in a cool area not over the mix.
  • The location must support all cable and control box locations and configurations.
  • Trackers will be mounted on the tow arm near the front of the end gate. Do not mount the Sonic Tracker to the end gate.
  • Plug all components into the 3D Junction box.


3D Junction Box Installation

  • The Junction box is labeled for proper installation. 
  • The Junction box may be magnetically mounted. 
  • Ensure that the placement is in a functional location.