SmoothRide Design: Basic Training - Resurfacing

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SmoothRide Design: Basic Training - Resurfacing

Create New Resurface Data

  • Open Design ribbon
  • In Design View group, Select Resurface button
  • Select New button
  • Select all road lines
  • Press Esc on keyboard
  • Select string to use as Center Line
  • Select OK

Customize Resurface View

  • In Settings ribbon
  • All buttons open Road Display Settings
  • Buttons are the tabs
  • Changes what is displayed in various views
    • Alignment – plan view
    • Profile – profile view
    • CrossSection – cross-section view
    • Resurface – multiple views

Alignment Tab

  • Select the Alignment tab
  • Check Display Strings and Display Peg Alignment

Profile Tab

  • Select the Profile tab
  • Set Display Text Size to Large
  • Enter 5.000 for Vertical Exag

CrossSection Tab

  • Select the CrossSection tab
  • Set Display Text Size to large
  • Check box for Display Cross Fall
  • Enter 2.000 for Vertical Exaggeration

Resurface Tab

  • Uncheck Show IPs near preferred spacing
  • Check Show IP comment
  • Enter Asphalt density
  • Enter Milling density
  • Select OK

Customize Resurface View

  • Open View ribbon
  • Select Show/Hide String
  • Select Clear all to uncheck all strings
  • Check the box for the string to use as the profile reference (typically the centerline)
  • Select OK to close
  • Select in the profile view
  • Select Show Slope Graph button in Resurface toolbar
  • Double-click the cross fall graph label
  • Select reference string
  • Check strings to display in graph
  • Select OK to close
  • Slope Graph displays relationship of strings selected to the reference string in percent of grade for quick identification of areas with crown, super elevation, and transition.