Topcon ContextCapture: AT Processing - SIRIUS PRO

This section covers how to perform aertotriangulation (AT) processing in Topcon ContextCapture when using data from the SIRIUS PRO UAS.

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Topcon ContextCapture: AT Processing - SIRIUS PRO

AT Processing - SIRIUS PRO

  • After importing all *.xml photo blocks necessary, select the Photo block to be processed from the left side of the screen.
  • For the selected photo block, select the Additional data tab.
  • From the pull down menu, change the block type to Generic.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Select Submit Aerotriangulation.
  • On the Output block name screen, enter a name for the new block to be created as necessary and select Next.
  • On the Positioning/georeferencing screen, select the following radio button:
    • Use photo positioning data for adjustment – the block is adjusted according to photo positions (advised with accurate positions).
  • Once finished, select Next.
  • On the Settings screen, leave all settings at their default values except for the following:
    • Position: Compute
    • Rotation: Compute
    • Tangential Distortion: Adjust
  • Once finished, select Submit to begin AT processing.
  • If there are multiple flights to be processed, repeat this process as necessary for all *.xml photo blocks imported.
  • If there were multiple flights for a given project, once the AT processing has finished for all *.xml photo blocks imported, the photo blocks can then be merged into one project.
  • Select all the AT processed photo blocks to be merged from the left side of the screen, right click, and select Merge blocks.
  • AT processing must now be performed on the merged block created – repeat the steps to submit aerotriangulation for this merged block as described previously.