Topcon Receiver Utility (TRU): Create a Detailed Receiver Report

How to create a Detailed Receiver Report for GNSS Receiver

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Topcon Receiver Utility (TRU): Create a Detailed Receiver Report

What Is a Detailed Receiver Report?

The Detailed Receiver Report (DRR) provides detailed information about your reciever.This report is helpful when reviewing GNSS questions and determining the Options Authorization Files (OAF) installed on a reciever.

Create the Detailed Receiver Report

  • Open TRU by selecting the icon on your controller or PC

Connect to the Receiver

  • Click Device 
  • Click Application Mode
  • Click Reciever Managing
  • Click Connect
  • The Connection Parameters Window will open
  • Select the connection method you will use from the avaialble options
  • For this example we will use a Bluetooth connection



  • If the Device Name Field does not contain the Serial Number of the reciever, click the elipisis button next to the field 
  • If the serial nummber is not available, right-click in the white space of the window, a list of available connections is displayed
  • Click add
  • A new widow will appear. Right-click and then click Add 
  • The reciever should now be available in the Device Name Field
  • Click Connect at the bottom of the window
  • Click the Information icon
  • The Reciver Info window will open
  • Click the Save to File button at the bottom left of the window
  • Navigate to a convienent place to store the file on your device
  • Click Save
  • The default name of the file is the reciever device id
  • The file is now ready and can be sent for review