Post-processing software for Topcon's mass data solutions

Processes the raw data for the following systems:

IP-S3 Mobile Mapping System:

Calculation of coordinates at measurement point of the laser scanner, generation of panoramic images, and creation of point cloud data can be carried out by obtaining the vehicle trajectory from the data measured by inertial measurement unit (IMU), GNSS receiver, wheel encoder, laser scanner, and panoramic camera.

GLS-2000 and GTL-1000 Terrestrial Scanners:

The cloud and image data can be created by registering scan data measured from multiple occupation points in various methods including Occupation/Backsight, Resection, Object Tie Points, or Cloud-to-Cloud.  

RD-M1 SmoothRide system:

Make your resurfacing data come alive by efficiently creating and managing large area point cloud information collected using the SmoothRide system.  Compute vehicle trajectory, match control points, clean data and extract key linear features ready to feed the data downstream for analysis and productivity.

  • Edit and remove unnecessary points
  • Adjust cloud density
  • Export data in various industry-standard formats
  • Transfer data to CAD environment of your choice
  • Supports MAGNET coordinate systems
  • Create CAD primitives
  • Generate orthophotos

**Raw data processing of Topcon UAS or 3rd party sensors is not supported, but model projects can be imported and manipulated. 

NOTE: Full MAGNET software manuals are published as part of the software installation, and can be found via Help menu.

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