Near-Infra-Red (NIR) scanning device

  • The Moisture Tracker hand held device which is used to measure the percent of moisture and dry matter in a feed or forage.
  • The Moisture Tracker PC Utility software package which is used to setup the Moisture Tracker hand-held device to match the feeds and forages used on any given farm and to collect, view, and store recorded measurements.
  • The Moisture Tracker uses a USB Stick to upload the feeds and forages that are to be measured and to download recordings of the measurements that have been made.
  • The Moisture Tracker system comes with both a 120V wall charger and a 12 volt DC power charger for increased versatility.
  • A normal battery charge will provide the capacity for 50 to 100 readings or 2-4 hours of continuous use, depending on temperature.  Reduced performance is to be expected as temperature decreases.
  • New or fully discharged battery pack will require charging overnight but with most normal usage a recharge is possible in several hours.
  • Accurate dry matter readings within approximately 1% – 2%

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