FC-6000: Battery not present or will no longer charge fully

FC-6000 battery not present or will no longer charge fully

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FC-6000: Battery not present or will no longer charge fully

The EC (Embedded Controller) firmware version 1.22 or later for FC-6000 Windows (or the latest EC firmware on FC-6000 Android) can better detect if the cells in a battery pack have been over-discharged or are unbalanced. If these battery conditions exist, it no longer allows that battery to be shown and used (which could have potentially caused further issues/risks with the battery). With prior versions, such a battery may appear to not charge to full or to deplete rapidly.

​This means that on FC-6000 units, the description Battery 1: Not shown as recognized may appear in the battery details if a battery pack has been over-discharged or is unbalanced. To explore potential causes, see power troubleshooting on FC-6000 power and battery troubleshooting.

​If everything in the power troubleshooting article has been corrected/validated, and a battery has been over-discharged (and is no longer being shown), do the following:​

  1. ​Perform a full Power Off or Shut Down (such as in Windows under the Start > Power menu) and wait for the screen and then even the red light to go out.​
  2. ​Leave the unit plugged in overnight to potentially recover the battery.​

​If the battery cannot be recovered in the unit, and other batteries work in this unit, the battery can be submitted to a Topcon dealer for service evaluation, repair, or replacement. If it is found that the battery has unbalanced cells which cannot be recovered, and it is still within the 90-day warranty plus reseller stock period (which is usually an additional 3 months), then the costs for replacement may be covered.