MAGNET Collage: Extract Contours

This functionality allows users to extract contours from existing surface

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MAGNET Collage: Extract Contours

Select surface

Contours can be extracted from a TIN surface. Two available ways to activate the functionality:

  1. Right-click in Contours folder on the Workspace window
  2. Select Contours on Tools tab from top Ribbon

Extract Contour dialog

  • Click Choose to open surface selection dialog.
  • Select the surface from the list, then click OK
  • Set contour settings:
    • Min Height: Minimum height which contours will be calculated

    • Max Height: Maximum height which contours will be calculated

    • Interval: Select the interval for each contour to be calculated

    • Base elevation: Contours are created at a specific interval from the base elevation by lower than max height on the upper side and by higher than min height on the lower side.

  • Set filter settings
    • Minimum length: Minimum length for each contour, all  contours with shorter length will be discarded

    • Simplify polyline: Option to simplify extracted contours

    • Simplification threshold: Maximum perpendicular distance from used polyline to determine whether to include the vertex.

  • Click OK to extract contours.



  • Visualize and select contours by selecting in the Workspace window