MAGNET Field: Calculate and stake a radius or circle

How to calculate and stake a radius or circle in MAGNET Field

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MAGNET Field: Calculate and stake a radius or circle

Adding points

From the home menu:

  • Click Edit.
  • Click Points.

Click the Add button.

Add the coordinates for the center of the circle.

Click the green check mark to store the point.

Calculate a point for the radius distance

Return to the home menu.

Click Calculate.

Click Pt In Dir (Point in Direction).

  1. In the From Point field, enter the known point manually, or select it from the map or from the list of the job points.
  2. Select between Azimuth and Az to Pt to enter the azimuth at the known point either by value or as a direction to another known point.
  3. Input the distance in the Forward field using the desired radius.
  4. Click the Calc button.

The results of the calculation are displayed.

  1. Click the Save icon.

Note: For explanations of the available options, select the M button in the upper left of the display and click Help.

Add Linework

From the home menu:

  • Click Edit.
  • Click Linework.

Click the Add button.

Click the Add Points button.

Select From List.

Click the center point of the circle.

  • Repeat these steps to add the point created at the radius distance.

Note: Other selection methods can be used. This example uses the From List option.

  1. Write a name for the line in the Name field.
  2. Select points to be used.
  3. Click the Line type button. Click the circle radius.
  4. Click the green check mark in the upper right corner.

Stake linework

From the home menu:

  • Click Stake.
  • Click Linework.
  1. Click the top button, and select Linework.
  2. Click the Name of the linework.
  3. Click Next.

Set the interval and offset criteria.

Click Stake.

Note: The stationing of the circle will always start at 0+00.00 with the point that was calculated and run clockwise around the radius.

Stake from map

The Map view will open, and the circle can be staked by using the measure and store buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the display.