MAGNET Field: Receiver Management (Receiver OAF)

Loading an OAF using Receiver Management in MAGNET Field

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MAGNET Field: Receiver Management (Receiver OAF)

About Receiver Management

  • Receiver Management displays information about a GNSS receiver and provides a user interface to perform specific tasks

Accessing Receiver Management

  • To access Receiver Management from the MAGNET Field Home screen, Click the Setup icon

Using Receiver Management

  • Receiver Management is comprised of three modules
    • Receiver Information
    • Receiver OAF
    • Receiver Update

About Receiver OAF (Option Authorization File)

The Receiver Options dialog box shows information about the loaded options on a GNSS receiver.

  • The OAF switches on or off Topcon GNSS receivers' functionality and are purchased from your dealer
  • The OAF is created for an individual Topcon GNSS receiver and it can only be uploaded to the specific GNSS receiver 
  • The OAF includes various options which control:
    • Satellite constellations that can be tracked.
    • Enabling RTK positioning on the receiver.
    • GNSS Raw Data storage memory.
    • Enabling the Inputs/Outputs of the receiver.
  • Not all available OAF options are supported by every receiver and are dependent on the specifications of a particular receiver and its firmware
  • Receiver OAFs can be upgraded anytime to meet the specific needs of the user. 

Load the OAF

  • Click the Load OAF button
  • Navigate to the file location of the OAF file and click to select

Note: the *.tpo file will have the same name as the receiver device ID number

  • The OAF window will open showing a list of the purchased options
  • Click Load OAF
  • Click Yes to load the OAF
  • The screen will momentarily darken while the update takes place
  • Click Close
  • The Receiver will reset
  • And will now have the updated options