MAGNET Field: Status - Position Tab

Open the System tab to view the information about the current state of the RTK measurements:

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MAGNET Field: Status - Position Tab

About the Status menu

  • The Status menu Displays information about the current position of the GNSS receiver, RTK status and satellite constellations.
  • Status is comprised of four tab windows
    • Position
    • System
    • Scatter Plots
    • SVs (Satellite View)


The options available in this menu are dependent upon the instrument type specified in the Survey Job Configuration within the Configure Menu

Accessing the Status Menu

  • To access Status from the MAGNET Field Home screen
  •  Click the Setup icon 
  • Click the Status Icon

Using the Position Tab

  • When opened the default view is of the Position tab
  • The Position tab displays:
    • Total number of the available satellites.
    • The lock icon  signifies the number of the satellites tracked
    • the star icon shows the number of satellites used in position determination
    • Current UTC time
    • Solution type
    • Coordinates of the position in the selected coordinate system and units
    • PDOP value; it is a factor depending solely on satellite geometry describing how the uncertainty in the coordinates will depend on the measurement errors. PDOP is proportional to the estimated position uncertainty.
    • H and V stand for HRMS and VRMS, the RMS values of the horizontal and vertical coordinates, respectively.
    • Base Dist: slope distance to base antenna. The field is empty if no differential corrections are received.
  • Select the Option button on the upper left corner of the display to access
  • Antenna Setup to view the current selection in the instrument configuration
  • Reset RTK command
  • Tracking to configure the GNSS receiver to track the satellite systems and satellite signals and to select a satellite constellation to be used for position computation