MAGNET Tools: Check in/Check out feature

How to utilize the Check in/Check out feature of MAGNET Office

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MAGNET Tools: Check in/Check out feature

MAGNET Office now features a Check in/Check out option which allows for a license to be transferred from one PC to another without the need to request a serial number reset.  

To understand the Check in/Check out feature more easily, think of it as if you were checking in a library book so that someone else may check it out. When activating a license for the first time, the license is automatically checked out because it is presumed that you will be actively using it.  

If you wish to check in a license so that another PC may use it, click Check In. You will be taken to the Product Activation screen. Click Next, and you will see a notification that specifies that the license will be deactivated and the application will be shut down.  

You will receive confirmation that the license has been deactivated. This license is now free to activate on another PC.  

Note:  1 license per user/computer at a time. Multiple computers being used at the same time require separate licenses for each instance of software being used.

You can also verify whether a license is checked in or checked out from MAGNET Enterprise. To do this, go to Subscriptions > Subscription manager.  

When a license shows a device ID, it is checked in. If there is no device ID, then the license is checked out and is unavailable to activate on another PC.