MAGNET Field: How to install on an FC-5000/FC-6000

This article explains how to install MAGNET Field on an FC-5000/FC-6000.

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MAGNET Field: How to install on an FC-5000/FC-6000

Log into your myTopcon account, and go to FC-5000 updates.

Scroll down and look for XX/XX/20XX MAGNET FIELD – PC VERSION X.X

You can also hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard and search PC version.

Once the download is complete, right-click on the file and click Extract All…

Use a USB drive to copy the installer over to your PC.

Sometimes, whenever you make a major update in MAGNET Field (such as updating from v5 or v6 to v7) it may ask you to reactivate the software after installation.

Click on the M icon and click on About.

Write down the serial number and device ID (the device ID is case sensitive).

Click the Home icon and the orange X to close MAGNET Field.

Make sure your controller is connected to the internet. It is still possible to install MAGNET Field without an internet connection—you just won't be able to download additional languages and geoids.

Once you have copied the installer over to the FC-5000/6000, right-click on the installer, and click on Run as administrator.

Click on Install to this PC.

Select your language, and click Next.

Select Change.

Then click Next.

Have the customer accept the license agreement.

Click Next.

Click on the + icon to expand the geoids list. Select the geoids necessary. If the controller is not connected to the internet, you will not be able to download these additional features.

Select the projections and datums you want installed.

Select additional languages as applicable.

Click Install.

Wait for the MAGNET Field install to progress. The download time will depend on your internet speed.

Make sure the Launch MAGNET Field box is checked.

Click Finish to complete the install. This will automatically start up MAGNET Field.

If MAGNET Field prompts for activation, please see the guides below to reactivate it.

MAGNET Field online activation

MAGNET Field offline activation (no internet)